Monday, July 20, 2015

Revision requested for the first manuscript

The Journal of Physical Chemistry has sent us the reviewer comments on the first manuscript written based on the work in this blog. Major revision is requested before potential publication, however, based on the comments I am quite optimistic for the acceptance. I have asked the editor, if we can make the reviewer comments publicly available, but am yet to receive a reply. In the meanwhile, I wrote preliminary answers to the reviewer comments (available on GitHub) and sent the reviewer comments to the authors of the publication. Other followers can try to guess the original reviewer comments from the replies, until we hopefully get a permission to make also the original comments available.

If you want to comment or modify the answers, you can comment this post or (preferably) modify  directly the answer on GitHub and make a pull request.

In addition to replying the comments, there are some other things to do before the submission of the revised version:
  • Make the table of content figure. I do not have any good idea for this and also I do not have much time right now, so any ideas and actions are welcome.
  • Clean the GitHub repo a bit and create a doi for it.