O. H. Samuli Ollila (Institute of Biotechnology, University of Helsinki;group, cv, publications)
Markus S. Miettinen (Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces, Germany)


Hanne Antila
Amelie Bacle
Lara Bort
Alexandru Botan
Pavel Buslaev
Rebeca García Fandiño
Andrea Catte
Sneha Dixit
Olle Edholm
Fernando Favela 

Tiago Mendes Ferreira (NMR experiments)
Patrick Fuchs
Lukasz Cwiklik
Michael Girych
Ivan Gushchin
Peter Heftberger
Matti Javanainen
Pavel Jungwirth
Matej Kanduc
Jon Kapla  

Batuhan Kav
Anne Kiirikki
Waldemar Kulig
Antti Lamberg
Claire Loison
Alexander Lyubartsev
Jesper Madsen
Hector Martinez-Seara
Josef Melcr
Markus S. Miettinen  

Luca Monticelli
Jukka Määttä
Ricky Nencini
Vasily Oganesyan
O. H. Samuli Ollila
Georg Pabst
Chris Papadopoulos
Antonio Peón
Thomas Piggot
Ángel Piñeiro 

Pierre Poulain
Marius Retegan
Paula Milan Rodriguez
Tomasz Rog
Suman Samantray
Hubert Santuz
Otto Schullian
Peter Tieleman
Joona Tynkkynen
Sergey Vilov 

Salla Virtanen
Alexander Vogel
Alex de Vries
Mark Wilson

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O. H. S. Ollila acknowledges the Emil Aaltonen foundation and Academy of Finland for financial support, Aalto Science-IT project and CSC-IT Center for Science for computational resources.
M. S. Miettinen acknowledges VolkswagenStiftung for financial support.