On Credits

The original authorship rules published in the beginning of the NMRlipids Project are reformulated here to be more fitting for the current status of the project.

Everyone who contributes to a project by communicating via this blog or the NMRlipids GitHub repositories will be offered coauthorship in the corresponding NMRlipids publications. The final decision on authorship will be to the invited individuals themselves. They should base their decision on self-assessment of their scientific contribution to the manuscript to be submitted.

We hope that all communications would be written such that they are assignable to a person and affiliation, as this will remove unnecessary ambiguity upon publishing.

Unless mentioned otherwise, Samuli Ollila will handle the correspondence with the journal, based on the discussions in this blog and in the GitHub repositories. The order of all names in the final manuscript will be alphabetical.

Finally, it is the responsibility of the people communicating via this blog or the GitHub repositories to make sure that in case they contribute something in which other people have had a scientific contribution (such as supervisors writing comments based on discussions with their students), the identities of all contributors should be made known. These secondary contributors will also be offered coauthorship in the manuscript.

On April 7th 2020
Markus Miettinen
Samuli Ollila

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