Monday, May 30, 2016

Toward submission of NMRlipids II publication (lipid-ion interactions) (2)

The first attempt to submit NMRlipids II publication was postponed due to the extensive discussion and new contributions. The manuscript is again quite close to the submittable version (in my opinion). The results and discussion section has been rewritten but the conclusions and introduction are not essentially changed.

In the previous submission attempt I suggested the submission to Chemical Science for the same reasons as we submitted NMRlipids I to JACS (see discussion in Towards first submission to journal post). However, the publisher policies have changed quite a bit within one and half year so the discussion seems to be outdated. The RSC policies seems to officially allow this kind of work, thus there is no reason to test this anymore. For this reason, I suggest that we will submit to Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics (PCCP) where the acceptance is more likely.

There is still a ToDo list in the manuscript which mainly relates to missing technical information.

At some point we also need the Table of Content Graphics. I have opened the GitHub issue on that, please let us know if you have any suggestions.

If there will be no objections or major comments, I will proceed with the submission to PCCP within two weeks from now (13th of June 2016). Please, give all the comments and contributions before that.