Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Towards submission of NMRlipids II publication (lipid-ion interactions)

The manuscript from NMRlipids II project "The electrometer concept and binding of cations to phospholipid bilayers" is (in my opinion) quite close to the submittable version. There are still some details to be fixed which are listed in the ToDo list in the manuscript.

All kind of comments are welcomed also from people who are not contributors yet. My goal is to get manuscript submitted January 2016 so this is almost the last change to present major comments. Manuscript will be submitted soon, all modifications and comments should be done before 19.2.2016.  Manuscript will be submitted soon. As in all the subprojects, the files are available in the project GitHub repository and contributions can be done by commenting this blog or using GitHub. Especially, if you are doing language or other text editing the most convenient way is to directly modify the text file and make a pull request.

My current idea is to submit the manuscript first to the Chemical Science which is a high impact journal by the Royal Society of Chemistry. By doing this we would find out their policy towards open collaboration publications which was also the motivation to submit the NMRlipids I publication to a American Chemical Society journal, see discussion in Towards first submission to journal post. All comments related to this are also welcomed.